Comunicado 31 (2016/Mar)

Comunicado 31 (2016/Mar)

NEWS No.31

Proactivos Association for Solutions in Finances Forex EMG, informs and reminds his associates:

We want to remind you:

1- When had seen Germán Cardona in 7 years after the closure of FFX, concerned and proposing to delivering capital and performance record placed by investors?

R- Never….  He has always evaded his responsibility as manager FFX, justifying the fall and closing of the enterprise freezing emergency fund in USA; silence and refusal to continue claiming, in some affected have been their allies.

2- When we inquired about the total amount, status, performance and location of principal placed in various investment vehicles, according to the business model that has been given as value proposition?

R- Evasively, he never gave certain answers.

3- The big question to Germán Cardona is: How much money raised?, Where is it ?, how much has earned ? and what follows renting? Where is the money? And how when it returns to investors?

R – Never answered.

We want to inform you:

1- That in USA there have been no changes with respects to an end either criminal or civil decision on German Cardona by the American authorities and the investigation continues.

2. That in relation to the process in Spain are still awaiting that penalizes domestic audience to be forced to confess where the money is.

3- We hope that during this month of March define a single sheet of information for resubmission to the Company that the Court hired to perform the process of rescission or return of the money that investors can show that they were deposited at EMG.

4- That the group called Platform in Spain gave up the demand filed against German Cardona on condition that facilitates the documentation that allows them to present as evidence to claim in USA.

5- That the Proactivos’ Association never give up its right to claim the relevant authorities, the return of the money from investors for the following reasons:

a- German Cardona during the time he was held in jail, never collaborated with the authorities delivering the files with the information of the corresponding real balances to each investor. (Now a group promises to deliver information exchange that will remove pressure to the process that would take him back to prison)

b- The aforementioned group is the same that has always been a defender of EMG.

c- The money held in the US are only 5% of those captured, as reported in the last convention in Brazil, constituted as a security fund to support risk and illiquidity, since 95% of the investments were in high performance packages, Forex and Commodities. Investment of which nothing ever mentioned again until he found the perfect alibi argument for blaming the failure of FFX, retention of minimum amounts of money were invested in the USA by decision of the American government. Speaking of big investments never mentioned again nothing as if all we suffer from amnesia in this respect.

d- That being so, now more than ever we need economic contributions of all our members so that we can meet the monetary commitment with the  lawyers in Spain to that pressure now needs to take GCS to confess where is the big money Investments that had FFX at the time of the intervention by the US and allow us to keep this big scam goes unpunished and as recover the money invested by Proactivos and  all of our  Associates.

6.- Finally when we know the renowned form to be filled again to reclaim, we will put available in our WEB page indicating the procedure to follow, which can be through our lawyer in USA.


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